Community Canvas Workshops

Package 1:

Large canvas (5 hours)

5m x 1.5m canvas

Max. 20 participants at any time

Package 2:

Medium canvas (3 hours)

2m x 1.5m canvas

Max. 8 participants at any time

Package 3:

Small (1 hour)

1m x 1.5m canvas

Max. 5 participants at any time

In Community Canvas Workshops, many participants complete one large canvas. This activity encourages teamwork & leadership and can be displayed in school or workplace as a symbol of embracing Indigenous culture. Any colours, story, theme or design preferences please include when booking.


This type of workshop works great for creating a sense of belonging, community, togetherness and achievement. The ownership of the painting belongs to the school/organisations/company.

For bookings please have the following information ready:

- Date, time and location

Booking for this type of workshop can be booked instantly by clicking on the 'Book Now' button.

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